Pajama Party


Happy Tuesday, friends. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved pajamas. As a kid, I had more pajamas than clothes. My parents would always laugh because I would ask for pajamas as gifts for Christmas and my birthday. Pretty much every Christmas and birthday, I would get a pair of pajamas.

Now as a grown, married, woman, I still love fun pajamas. I’m a huge fan of anything with a funny or cute phrase, especially if it involves sleeping. I have some pajamas that say “Don’t wake the Dreamer”, “Love + Coffee”,  and “Let’s Taco About it”. The top I’m wearing in this shoot is one of my favorites. It says “I’m actually a Mermaid” because who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? One of my best friends and I created sort of a nickname for each other. I once told her she had “mermaid hair” because she is cuban and has this gorgeous, long,  dark hair. So now, she calls me her mermaid. We are always buying ourselves or each other “Mermaid” gear. She lives in Florida now so this is a way to keep her close in my heart.

Since I love pajamas, I thought I would share some of my current favorites with you. I know many of you will be taking vacations, going on bachelorette trips, or honeymoons. Below I’ve linked a few favorites that I’ve had my eye on. I’ve added a variety of price points for every girl.


(1) Laters ($12.90)

(2) Off Duty Mermaid ($10.00)

(3) No Selfie Control ($14.90)

(4) Hello Weekend ($26.00)

(5) Flowers ($46.00)

(6) Blue ($42.00)

(7) Sweet Dreams ($46.00)

(8) Lights Out ($14.99)

(9) Hug Me ($24.99)

(10) Don’t Wake the Dreamer ($16.99) (I have this one!)


[Pajamas]: Forever 21, [Glasses]: Kate Spade, [Mug]: Hobby Lobby




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