Last weekend, I started watching Girlboss on Netflix. I read the book a few years back and couldn’t wait to see the new show. I was seriously inspired by Sophia Amoruso and her ability to take charge of life at such a young age. If you haven’t read her book, it’s a great one! I think we can all be “girl bosses” in our everyday life no matter what field or area you are in.

Today I wanted to share some tips for styling your work wardrobe. It can get mundane dressing for work when there are so many other cute options including ripped jeans and off-the-shoulder tops. However, I work really hard to try and incorporate my everyday style into my work style. It saves you money in the long run!

Style Tips:

(1) Graphic Tees: This is my favorite way to add a little piece of me into my work wardrobe. Pair a graphic tee under a blazer or wear a statement necklace to make a cute tee into a work appropriate look. Be careful which tee you choose to wear. Don’t wear a “Rosé all Day” shirt to work. Go for the more classic graphic tees. J. Crew usually has some graphic tees that are appropriate. Here is a perfect example. The tee I am currently wearing is only $11 (it is linked below).

(2) Pencil Skirts: Pencil skirts look amazing on almost any body-type. The pencil skirt looks effortlessly put-together. I love pencil skirts that are more stretch fitting because they look better on and they are more comfortable throughout the day. This is another great way to incorporate a graphic tee in, as well. Make sure you tuck your top in for a sophisticated look. Great example here.

(3) Blazer: Another perfect way to add some glam. If you have a more business casual type atmosphere and are allowed to wear jeans, pop a blazer on and you are set. A lot of people feel uncomfortable wearing bright colors to work. Depending on the type of job you have, this may be a good rule to live by. However, I love color so I will throw on a hot pink blazer in a second. You can find them super cheap at Forever 21 or H&M. Here is a cute one to start. White blazers are my favorite.

(4) Fun Shoes: When I’m not wearing my hot pink blazer and I want a more subtle to darker look, I will still add a fun shoe to my look. Invest in some leopard print flats because if you add that to a black cardigan, it’s adds some style to your look. Leopard print goes with a lot of styles and looks. If you don’t love leopard, go for a red or blue shoe. Check these out.

(5) Statement Pieces: This is my go-to when I want to bring a little personality to my look. Don’t be afraid to wear some big earrings or a big necklace. However, you gotta pick one. I have a rule that if I wear large earrings then I either will not wear a necklace or if I do, it’s a small one. Don’t worry about the colors, branch out. Buy some fun pieces and create your look based on the pieces. This one is only $20.

I hope these tips will help you add some glam to your work style. Since passing the bar exam and starting a career, I am excited to do more posts like this in the future. If you gals love this type of post, please let me know on Instagram or on here. Now, go be a girl boss!


[Top]: Shein, [Skirt]: Banana Republic, [Shoes]: Tory Burch, Similar, [Bracelet]: David Yurman


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