Spring Break Road Trip

1234568111213152022So is anyone else loving this spring weather that we are having in February? That can only mean one thing: spring break trips are soon! I travel a lot so I’ve gotten addicted to some great podcasts which makes the drives so much shorter. Where were podcasts when I was in college? Today I’m sharing my favorite podcasts for long travels. I will go ahead and admit that I am a true crime junkie. So…. all of these are true crime podcasts. But, I promise they are amazing. You’ll get addicted fast.

My mom and I were running errands a few weeks ago and I turned a podcast on for her. She loved it! She was so interested in some of the cases because she remembered them from the news.

My Favorite Podcasts:

(1) Sword and Scale: If you don’t like a lot of details and gore, this one isn’t for you. However, the stories are simply amazing. Each episode is around an hour long. The host brings the stories to life by giving you details of the crime. Sword and Scale discusses tough topics of child abuse, psychopaths, domestic violence, and other issues that ravage our society. This podcast will show you that the worst monsters are real. This one happens to be my favorite and the most interesting of all.

(2) In The Dark: If you like a story with an ending, this one is perfect for you. This podcast goes through the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling. Jacob vanished 27 years ago after riding his bike to pick up a movie. The case ran cold for years but the answer was right under everyone’s nose. A second season is also coming out soon!

(3) Up and Vanished: The search still continues for beauty queen and teacher, Tara Grinstead from Ocilla, Georgia over 10 years after her disappearance. Host Payne Lindsey takes you on a quest to search for evidence and it will make you question everything. While the case has remained cold, several suspects have emerged through the years.

(4) Accused: This podcasts follows the death of Elizabeth Andes, a Miami University student in 1978. Beth’s boyfriends, Bob Young had the shadow of accusation for years. But is the real killer still out there? Each podcast is about an hour long with only one season.

(5) Finding Tammy Jo: in 1979, a 16 year old Jane Doe was found in a field. No one seemed to know or miss her. She was mystery until the age of social media. This podcasts follows how a Jane Doe was finally identified years after her disappearance. If you have a short commute, this podcast is great because each episode is around 10 minutes.

(6) True Crime Garage: Two guys in a garage just hanging out. True Crime Garage discusses both stories you “thought” you’ve heard and stories you haven’t. The two hosts discusses ideas and theories in a witty fashion. Guys will especially love this podcast because it’s a “guys” kind of podcast.

I’d love to hear what your favorite podcasts are because I’m always looking for new ones!  I’ll be heading to Hilton Head Island over the next few days to celebrate my father-in-laws birthday. So, I’ll be catching up on my favorite podcasts. Have a great weekend and safe travels if you are heading out of town!




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