Valentine Plans


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! I thought I would share a few ways to celebrate this year. It’s always hard to decide what to do if you are single, in a relationship, or married. Valentine’s Day gets so much hate but I consider it a day to celebrate all the love in our life: friendships, faith, our self, and relationships. Honestly, I love LOVE!

Celebrating Solo

  • Devotional Time: Celebrate your love for Jesus this V-day! Have a little date with Jesus. Take the night and read your Bible or devotional. Enjoy a little chocolate or coffee with reading. God’s love is the reason we even know how to love! If you need guidance on reading the Bible, pick up a devotional at your local book store.
  • Spa Day: Another great way to celebrate, treat yo’self to a spa day. Head to Sephora and grab a face mask. I use a rose petal mask for hydration. You can use this time for painting your nails, hair conditioning treatments, self-tanning, or masking. Anything that makes you feel loved. Self-love is so important!

Galentine’s Day

  • House Party: Invite all your girls over for a super girl’s night. Make some chocolate covered strawberries and watch all those girly movies you love. Break out the Bridget Jones, Legally Blonde, or the Notebook. You know all the movies we love that guys hate. You can make this party so festive for V-day! Mix your own drinks (fruit juice + spirit) and add cute little straws, bake some brownies or cookies, and add some cheap decorations (Target has such cute decor).

Married V-Day

  • Get-away Trip: If you need an excuse to get a-way, Valentine’s day is it. A weekend get-away is perfect. You don’t have to go far but a trip to the Mountains or Beach is perfect. You can spend the much needed time together away form work pressure, kids, or regular life. Take the time to actually relax and not over-plan the weekend. Spending quality time together is much needed in every relationship.
  • Stay at Home: One of the best Valentine’s days we ever had was one we enjoyed from home. I was really sick one year and just didn’t feel like going out. Evan made a romantic dinner. He actually made a dinner we didn’t typically eat which made it not feel like a regular night in. He had candles and flowers on the table. Let’s be honest, the best thing was that I could just wear PJ’s to dinner. There was no pressure to be dressed up and we could really be ourselves.

Dating V-Day

  • Wine and Design: a few of our local wine and design classes have a special class on V-day for couples. Instead of just grabbing dinner or a movie, this is a fun way to work on something together. At the end, you get to keep your masterpiece as a little memento of the night. Wine and Design is normally pretty cheap too for those on a tight budget.

Love can be celebrated in a million ways. So this year, celebrate love in all of it’s forms!



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