Keeping it Casual













If you haven’t already figured out from my blog, I love a good casual outfit. The kind of outfit you can wear in your everyday life. I’ve recently became a huge fan of sneakers. A few years ago, I never wore sneakers unless I was working out. However, I’ve found some cute ways to incorporate sneakers into my everyday outfits.

(1) Pair with Ankle Length Jeans: these Gap jeans are perfection. They are a loose hem that are cut perfectly at the ankle. This style of jean adds an effortless look to pair with your sneakers.

(2) Buy good Sneakers: This goes without saying. However, I have a few favorites that can complete this look. I love these shoes from Francescas. They are so so comfortable. I have to stop myself from wearing them everyday. I would also recommend Converse shoes. They are a low-priced shoe that can be styled in many ways. I have four pairs and I wear them so much (I even wore them today).

(3) Shift-Dresses: Wearing your sneakers with a dress is a great way to accessorize while looking relaxed, yet sophisticated. I recommend a shift dress because the loose fit pairs nicely with sneakers. I usually wear a black shift-dress with my pink converse sneakers to add that little pop of color to keep it fun.

(4) Leggings: Sneakers + Leggings are basically BFFs. Pairing your leggings, top, and sneakers can be a bit tricky. I recommend pairing them with an oversized sweater or an oversized cardigan. I’ve pretty much been living in this look, if I’m being honest.

So take off those heels…. and throw on your kicks. I know you won’t regret it.

[Jeans]: Gap- similar, [Hat]: Red Dress Boutique, [Sneakers]: Francescas, [Sweater]: Gap, [Scarf]: Moco Creations, [Earrings]: Rocksbox (Use Code: MeganWBFF22 for your first month free!)

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