Winter Wonderland









North Carolina got about 6 inches of snow over this past weekend! Let me just say: it was so relaxing and peaceful to wake up to snow falling. It was the perfect weekend for hot cocoa and blankets. If you saw my Insta story, you saw we took our dog, Bella, for a romp in the snow. She was begging to get outside and run through the snow (she hates the rain so I’m not sure why she loves the snow).
On another note, how gorgeous was the sunset in these pictures? The sunset and the snow made a picturesque view. Side note: this was the fastest photo shoot in the history of man. It honestly took about 3-5 minutes. It was FREEZING cold. But, hey gotta do it for the blog. Anyways, this top is one of my absolute favorite tops. You may not be able to see it from the pictures but it has llamas on the bell sleeves. I’m obsessed. Bell sleeves are one of my favorite trends because they add a chic look. Even if bell sleeves are not your normal style, step outside your comfort zone and give them a try. Any age group can pull off bell sleeves! Trust me!
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for stopping by Diamonds on Her Soul. As a reminder, you can use code: MeganWBFF22 to get a free month of Rocksbox. I’m wearing some of my new earrings on this blog post. Several of my friends have already gotten there first box so don’t miss yours!

[Top]: Free People, [Booties]: Fabrik; similar, [Earrings]: Rocksbox, [Jeans]: Just Black, [Clutch]: Gili

**Links in photos.


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