Hair Tutorial

    Merry Early Christmas!  Since I started my blog about 9 months ago, the number one request I receive from people is a hair tutorial. It kind of makes me laugh because I’ve never considered myself great at doing my hair by any means. I always joke that I’m going to go to cosmetology school just so I can learn how to style my hair. Well thanks to all the love and support you all have given me, I finally decided to take the plunge. This is my first video and to be honest I had no idea how to make one but I gave it a shot. I hope you enjoy and if you did, please let me know! I love to hear feedback either here or on Instagram (@themeganwhite).

Hair Tutorial Tips:
(1) Turn the barrel in vertical position for longer lasting curls.
(2) If your curls are too tight, run your hands through your hair or use the wet brush to loosen.
(3) Sleep on a silk pillow for longer lasting hair (also prevents aging).
(4) If your curls don’t last, spray each individual piece of hair after curling.
(5) Remember that barrel size is very important depending on the length of your hair and the look you want. Generally, smaller barrels give a tighter curl and bigger barrel gives a large curl or wave.

Styling Items:

  • 1. 25″ T3 Curling Iron (not pictured) 
  • Wet Brush
  • Big Sexy Hair
  • Tease Brush
  • Joico Volumizing Hairspray 
  • Hair Clip
** Song: Closer by The Chainsmokers (feat. Halsey)

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