Cozy Christmas


(laying with his favorite toy in the world)
(Our first christmas card, circa 2012)
(my little elves this year)

Only 16 more days until Christmas!? Can you believe it? Today I’m sharing a peek into our home and how I’ve made it cozy for the Christmas season. I’ve always decorated our living area in red and green simply because I love the festive colors. It screams Christmas to me and I love the traditional look.  This year I went for a more rustic vibe including old trucks, cloth trimmings, and bells. I based the decorations off of the large truck I found at Target. I kind of have an obsession with these really old trucks. Maybe because I grew up in the country and a country Christmas is hard to beat. These adorable trucks are everywhere this year… so I’m guessing other people love them too! Many of the little “extras” are from what I call the “dollar” section of Target. They have the cutest little decorations to add to your home or apartment. I seriously spent like $20 on lights, garland, trees, and two trucks.
Many of the items needed to create this look are inexpensive. For example, our tree topper is actually just ribbon and wire pieced together (1/2 on each side). The simple garland makes an incredible difference by making our mantel look more cozy. Another great tip, if you have a counter-top corner that is just missing something… simply add a string of lights (which you can probably get for $2 or have laying around your house somewhere), a Christmas coffee mug, and a Christmas book (like The Night Before Christmas). It looks absolutely gorgeous especially at night when you are curled up watching Elf.  I kind of wished I would have taken a picture of my little kitchen corner now (maybe I’ll share on twitter soon). These simple tricks of adding lighting and small items make your home look so cozy without breaking the bank. Even Evan commented on how cozy our home looks this year!
I hope I gave you a little inspiration for making your home cozy and traditional during this  Christmas season.

[Tree Ornaments]: Cracker Barrel and Lowes, [Tree Skirt]: Lowes, [Old Truck Decorations]: Target, [Small Trucks]: Lowes, [Bell Lights]: Target’s Dollar Section, [Cloth Garland]: Target’s Dollar Section, [Snow Trees]: Target, [Light-up Boxes and Sled]: Kirklands, [Leggings]: Nordstrom, [Slippers]: Target, [Blanket]: Pottery Barn, [Mug]: Pier One


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