Gift Guide for your Gent

I’m really excited about this post; like more than usual. I love buying gifts for other people. I love it way more than receiving a gift! After polling a few readers, it looks like we are all interested in what to get our guy. I think it is so hard because guy’s never really “want anything”. Evan and I have this conversation at every birthday and major holiday. Evan says I’m a great gift-giver so maybe I can help you too this year!

(1) Bath and Body Works Cologne: Every guy slowly dies every time we walk into Bath and Body Works to smell a pumpkin scented candle or to grab the lilac scented soap. However, Bath and Body’s new men’s collection is on point. Even hubby said so. The fragrance of this cologne is so refreshing. You can even add to this and get the two in one body and hair wash. My favorite is the Whitewater scent. This is a cute stocking stuffer for guys, as well.

(2) Happy Socks: These are always a stocking stuffer in the White House. Guys love the crazy sock trend that us girls had back in 7th grade! These are a fun way to add some of your guy’s personality to the suit and tie look. Happy Socks has so many styles that I’m sure you will find something he loves. I personally love the “lucky” socks because of the bright colors that aren’t too over powering. These socks are durable too if you have a guy who rips through socks like you do tights…. (Raising my hand over here).

(3) Wood Watch: Evan saw a wood watch while we were in Hawaii and loved it. So for his birthday, he got a wood watch from Tree Hut. The watches are so light and perfect for the working man. The watch adds a touch of sophistication to any look. One of the cool features is that you can get the watch engraved with something special like initials, a date, or a special message. Tree Hut offers men’s and women’s watches. I’m secretly wanting one for myself!

(4) UnTUCKit Shirt: This is currently on my hubby’s Christmas list. I’m sure you’ve seen the ad’s on television this year. I didn’t think too much about it until Evan was like… “that is so cool. I hate when my shirt is too long and it looks awkward hanging out.” I’m over here thinking if my shirt is too long that means I can wear leggings with it (hahahaha). I do know what he means though. These shirts are the perfect length for a relaxed look. These shirts would be great for a dinner date or day trip. The one I picked is on sale too!

(5) Record Player: If your guy loves music this is the gift for you! Record players have made such a come back. Urban Outfitters offers so many new albums from country, rock, or rap. You can find something your guys loves to listen too. Also, this is kind of a dual gift because umm… they sell Taylor Swift’s album there too. But seriously, if your guy loves music as much as mine does… this will be a huge hit! Especially for the guy who has everything.

(6) Puma Athletic Pants: Every guy needs athletic pants regardless if they are a religious gym goer or the once of month gym guy. Athletic pants are nice to wear around the house, doing yard work, taking a walk, or playing football with the guys. Evan ordered two pairs of these for a recent trip and has wore them every single day when he gets home from work. Puma is a good brand with durable clothing. The best part, these pants are on sale! Whoo hoo!

(7) Rogue Lawyer: For the book lover, this is your gift. John Grisham is a hero in our household. My husband and father-in-law love the John Grisham books. If your guy travels a lot, consider a book on tape for him. A lot of guys really love to listen on their way to work or sitting in traffic.

(8) Ted Baker Bracelet: This is a fun stocking stuffer that pretty much all guys love. The leather bracelet is durable and a great look on guys. I like this style because of the double leather strap and it’s small. It’s not a huge statement. Especially because guys tend to like a simpler look than us girls do. It’s small but still makes a nice statement.

(9) Nike Running Shoes: Shoes at the White House do not last long. I’m not sure how we burn through tennis shoes like we do, but we do! I feel like every holiday I’m buying a pair of sneakers for someone. So if your guy needs some new shoes, these Nike’s are perfect. I actually have the female version of this shoe and love them. They are great to wear out for a casual date or trip around the mall. I like the gray too because it goes with everything. While the neon green and red shoes are cool, the gray is a classic piece to add to your guy’s collection.

(10) Duffel Bag: Guys need travel bags!! Evan went to Germany for 10 days and lived out of a book bag. I kid you not. He still uses a North Face book bag to travel. (While I’m over here carrying 90 bags– that’s probably why he uses a book bag). So we are working on some travel bags for the hubby. Evan and I both love Herschel’s style bag because they have a manly yet professional look. If your guy travels a lot for work or just to visit family, this is a must have. This particular bag is on sale too!

I hope this helps all of you lovely ladies in finding some great gifts for your guy! Our guys deserve some extra special love this holiday season. I am so thankful for my husband and can’t wait for him to open those gifts under the tree this year!


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