Fall Picnic














As I write this, I’m curled up on the couch watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. No picnic for me but rather a nasty cold. I’ve been battling it for a few days now. Luckily this shoot was this past weekend when I was feeling much healthier. I do want to share a few things I’m really obsessing over and that are helping me cope with my sickness.
The first is my Rocksbox. I saw so many bloggers using Rocksbox. Rocksbox allows you to receive three pieces of name-brand jewelry including Kendra Scott, Slate, and House of Harlow. The box is delivered right to your door. You can wear the pieces for a month and return them. You also have the option to buy them if you fall in love with them (at a discounted price I might add). I love that I can try out pieces that I am sometimes not willing to splurge on. I can see how the pieces work with my clothes and other accessories. If I decide I don’t want the pieces, I ship them back free of charge. I enjoy that I can update my Wishlist so that I get pieces I specifically want to try out. All of my items from this month’s box came from my wishlist. The box costs $19 a month. However, with code: MeganWBFF22 you can get your first month’s box FREE!! This is seriously a great way to get the chance to wear Kendra Scott and other pieces for a much cheaper price tag!
My second obsession is the little booties I’ve been wearing non-stop. I wear them to church, for errands, and working. Ya’ll know I love comfort. These shoes are made by Dr. Shoals and honestly, the quality is amazing. My mom tried them on once and has been begging to go buy some for herself for Fall and Winter. They come in several colors but i particularly love the gray just because I can wear them with pretty much my entire fall and winter wardrobe. I’ve never been so thankful I bought a pair of shoes. If you want to look chic but not dying in heels… consider these beauties. You won’t regret it.
Finally, the latest thing that has been helping me recover from this cold…. the new Netflix documentary, The Crown. Evan and I have become addicted to it. So far there is only one season but I have a feeling there will be more! The show covers Queen Elizabeth’s reign from the very start. It shares her personal and political struggles that she faced along with her husband, Prince Philip. I’m a huge lover of the British royalty so I’m addicted. However, I don’t think you have to be a huge royalty fan to enjoy the episodes. We are just about half way through the first season and will likely finish it over the weekend.
Hopefully I get over this nasty cold because I have a big weekend planned! Enjoy your weekend and be sure to try out my current obsessions to brighten your day!

[Sweater]: Banana Republic, [Pants]: Just Black, [Necklaces and Earrings]: RocksBox, [Shoes]: Dr. Shoals, [Blanket}: Pottery Barn


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