Apple Orchard Blogger Meet-Up


      Apple Orchards in the Fall can be absolutely breathtaking. I was so excited to meet up with some local Charlotte bloggers and spend the day Apple picking at Windy Hill Orchard in York, SC. It was great to connect with local bloggers and share our interests. All the girls were super nice and that’s so great in such a competitive atmosphere. It’s awesome to learn from people and see them grow, as well. I’m already looking forward to the next meet-up.
      Windy Hill Orchard is a “you-pick” apple Orchard.  Windy Hill Orchard offers some delicious food including apple doughnuts, apple pies, and apple cider. I was super jealous I couldn’t have any because as many of you know, I am gluten free. However, all the other bloggers loved the doughnuts. They sold out before we left. Also,  they have these huge pigs that wonder around the orchard and eat the fallen apples. It was the cutest thing but I  wanted to pet one so bad (I didn’t get to though- they were too far away).
     In the Fall, I love being outside picking pumpkins, apples, and doing corn mazes. I’ve found you can still be practical and dress cute while doing these fun activities. Because seriously, who picks pumpkins in heels and a dress- no one. The outfit I wore is both comfortable and practical for those outdoor activities but easily transformed into nighttime wear. A few of my favorite trends, I highlighted in this outfit. I’m loving the choker trend. My 90’s heart is pounding. The one in the photo is from Kendra Scott’s Winter collection. I wear it non-stop. The second fall look that I love is my hat. So great to cover up dirty hair (that’s pretty much when I wear them) when dry shampoo is no longer acceptable to use. My last trend and one I will be repeating all fall and winter is baggy sweaters. They are extremely comfortable and versatile. I love that you look like you could curl up in the over-sized sweater or go to a fancy dinner depending on how you accessorize. This army green sweater is from Francesca’s. I had to pull it off the mannequin because people were buying it like crazy.
    Finally, I hope you are gearing up for Halloween! I saw “Boo! Madea’s Halloween” last Friday. It was hilarious and a must see! Enjoy the last week of October and preparing for Halloween!

[Sweater]: Francescas, [Hat]: Red Dress Boutique, Francescas, Target, [Blanket Scarf]: Red Dress Boutique, [Jeans]: Just Black, [Boots]: Sperry Topsiders, [Choker]: Kendra Scott, [Gold Bracelet]: Kendra Scott, [Silver Bracelet]: David Yurman, [Cross-Ring]: Bauble Bar
** Items linked. Click photos for direct link. 


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