Gametime Tips

     What better way to officially introduce you to my husband, Evan than a football post!  Evan and I are huge Panthers Fans. He was so devastated when we lost in the Superbowl. It took him like a whole week to come back to normal– not even kidding.  If we can’t attend the games, we always try  watch the games when possible. During college, I went to almost every home game but after college life got a little crazy and I wasn’t able to go to as many games. However, over the past couple of years, we have been trying to attend several games because the atmosphere is amazing. If you have never been to an NFL game, I thought I would give some tips for guys and gals on how to be game day ready.

(sometimes we cheer on our team from the couch)

(1) Dress Comfortably: Pull out your favorite game day gear. My favorite game day pieces are my two jerseys. They are lightweight and comfortable. You want to dress comfortably for games because you will do a lot of standing and sitting. For women, I suggest comfy jeans (these jeans are ridiculously comfy) or a cute t-shirt dress that you can accessorize with your team’s colors. Check the weather to make sure you will be wearing the appropriate attire. Nothing like getting to a game and then 30 minutes later you are freezing! For guys, I suggest a similar approach. Be comfortable. Wear a loose fitting jersey or a team polo for a more polished look. Likewise, wear comfy undies. I know it’s weird to talk about but with heat and changing weather… you want to be comfortable. One brand who excels in comfy undies is Tommy John (sorry girls, it’s only for guys). If you want high quality, comfortable underwear.. Tommy John is the place. You will be ready to cheer on your team.

(2) Clear Purse or Bag: The NFL has recently changed standards for getting into games. It is now required that if you carry a purse into the game, it must be clear. Last year, I brought my clutch thinking I would be cute and immediately was told I couldn’t bring it in. So I made the 1 mile trek back to my car. I was not very happy. So lesson learned: purchase a clear bag. There are cute ones by Dooney & Burke or the NFL shop team bags. I recently purchased a clear Panthers bag to carry into games. Guys, same goes for you. No book bags or “man purses”. Anything you bring in must be in a clear bag. My suggestion is finding a clear book bag or carrying a plastic bag.

(3) Great Shoes: Okay, so kudos to those girls who wear high heels to football games. I’ve never been that girl. From parking your car to walking inside, hiking up stairs to find your seat, and then grabbing some food… I need comfortable shoes. I’ve seen too many girls walking barefoot to their car after a game. My tip is to wear cute converse sneakers, sandals, or get some cute team shoes like I have here. These sneaks are so comfy. For guys, comfortable shoes is usually easy for guys. Evan typically chooses to wear sneakers to games. These shoes pictured are from Under Armor. He uses these shoes for the dual purpose of work and play. They are super versatile which is why he loved them.

We can’t wait to cheer on our Panthers this Sunday (especially #88)! If you are heading to an NFL game this week, be sure to let me know. Enjoy the tips and you’ll be ready for some FUN! GO PANTHERS!

Me: [Jerseys]: NFL Shop, [Earrings/Necklace]: Kendra Scott, [Watch]: Apple, [Shoes]: Bradford Exchange, [Jeans]:Flying Monkey

Evan: [Jersey]: NFL Shop, [Jeans]: Wrangler, [Shoes]: Under Armor, [Hat]: Dick’s Sporting Goods


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