Hawaii Update

After an amazing 10 day vacation in Hawaii, we are officially back to reality. Honestly, I’m still a little very tired. Today I wanted to share all about our recent trip. So, take a look!

View from our room at the Hilton

Na’ Pali Coast

Volcano National Park, Hilo
[Shorts]: TJ Maxx, [Tank]: TJ Maxx, [Shoes]: Nike

Kona Coffee Tour, Kona Joes

Cocoa Tree
[Top]: Vanilla Brazil, [Shorts]: Forever21, [Shoes]: Converse

[Hat]: Marley Lilly, [Pants]: Becca Swim, [Book]: The Woman in Cabin 10

Horseback Riding in Kauai
[Kimono]: Red Dress Boutique, [Tank]: Lilly Pulitzer, [Shoes]: Converse

[Beach Sweater]: Bevello

Attempting to surf in Oahu
North Shore, Oahu

The beach sweater I lived in! Relaxing on the Pride of America
[Beach Sweater]: Bevello

Where We Stayed
For the first leg of our trip, we stayed at the Hilton Waikiki Beach on Kuhio. The hotel was beautiful and a perfect stay. We had a mountain view that overlooked the city. We couldn’t stop staring at the view! The hotel is a quick walk to Waikiki beach (about 5 minutes). For the second part of our trip, we did a Norwegian cruise. We were on the cruise ship, Pride of America. The ship specifically sails the Hawaiian islands. The ship was so patriotic with a Presidential seal, John Adams Coffee Bar, and several other patriotic areas on the ship. I’m not a huge fan of cruises but Evan loves them…However, I ended up absolutely loving this cruise! We had a beautiful balcony that overlooked the ocean. I loved sitting outside and reading at night. The staff was also amazing on the ship.

Where We Went
While staying at the Hilton Waikiki Beach on Kuhio, we were on the island of Oahu. Oahu is home to the Dole Factory, Pearl Harbor, and the North Shore. This was one of my favorite islands. I would definitely go back to this island in the future. It is a beach city with shops, food, and all the glam. On our cruise, we went to Maui, Hawai’i (the big island), and Kauai. Everyone has been asking me… the Big Island is my favorite island. Evan and I went there in 2013. The big island was just as wonderful as I remembered. The two main sides of the island is Kona (think delicious coffee) and Hilo (think volcanoes). If you are taking a trip to Hawaii, I recommend Oahu and Hawai’i (the big island). Kona has better beach weather but Hilo is the rain forrest!

What We Did: My Favorites
(1) Horseback Riding: As ya’ll know, I love animals. So anytime I get to love on animals, I’m in. Especially when I am away from my sweet doggies. So horseback riding was a MUST. Evan and I have rode horses in Antigua and I’ve rode horses at Disney World. However, this was the best experience. The views were unbelievable. You got to see mountains and the beach. The ride was two hours on the island of Kauai. CMJ Ranch was super nice and great to us. They made the experience personal and fun. I also may have fell in love with my horse, Zooann. She was a little sassy but also a sweetie…I can appreciate that. She kicked Evan’s horse who handled like a pro. Evan’s horse was named “TJ Maxx” which is fitting because we ended up shopping there on this trip!

(2) Rainbow Falls: I enjoy hiking and getting outdoors (don’t tell my younger self that) since I work indoors. I’ve never actually seen a “real” waterfall. It’s been on my bucket list for years. So finally, I did it in Maui. During the hike, our group saw three waterfalls and got to swim in them. The water was FREEZING! I swam some but it was so cold I couldn’t breathe. Evan also lived a dream and jumped off a waterfall which was cool awesome!

(3) Everything Else: We had the opportunity to do many excursions and events. I can’t write about them all because this post would be wayyyyyy too long. However, I’ll share about some briefly. Kona Coffee Tour had some breathtaking views along with some delicious coffee. Kona coffee does not compare to any coffee you have ever had. Next, we had the chance to see the volcano in Hilo erupting into the water at night. It was kind of surreal. You could see real lava dripping into the Ocean. The bright red magma glowed for miles in the night. Cool fact: the big island grows one acre a year because of the erupting volcano. Finally, the Na’ Pali coast was gorgeous. Our cruise ship captain did a drive by of the coast so all passengers could get a close up.  Oh and we surfed… or should I say attempted to surf? We had a a blast even though we had no idea what we were doing. It was incredibly peaceful to be out in the open water. I just enjoyed sitting and watching the ocean rise and fall.

What I Wore: During our trip, all of my Lilly Pulitzer sale items were essential. On the ship, we would dress up every night and I wore so much Lilly. I don’t have many pictures in my Lilly because nights on the ship were busy with dinner and shows. The most essential item of the trip, my beach sweater. I am so obsessed with my beach sweater that I went back to Bevello and bought another. I enjoyed wearing it over my bathing suit in the afternoon. I could read on the deck or relax in our room. The sweater was comfortable and I even wore it while traveling home. I am wearing a size medium for a loose fit. I like the loose fit because I wear it over a suit or with jeans shorts. To me it shows an effortless look.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and details from our Hawaii trip. We have several trips planned for the next few months. If you would like to see more pictures, follow me on Instagram @themeganwhite.  Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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