Law School Graduation


    Writing this post seems so surreal. I remember starting law school like it was yesterday but here I am! Law school is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s constant work and stress but the reward is awesome. The law is demanding and not for the weak-hearted. I learned that quickly. People always ask me about law school. Honestly, it’s a lot of work and you have to be willing to give 100% of yourself. There were many nights I cried, lost sleep, and worried but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It’s an awesome feeling to see your dreams and God’s plan for your life continue to unfold and become realized. I was blessed to have a wonderful support system through my husband and parents. I couldn’t have done it without there love, support, and understanding. They worked hard to make sure this weekend was one for the books!
     On Friday, Evan planned a dinner cruise on Lake Norman for our family. We had family traveling from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Hilton Head Island. We wanted to spend time with our family and have a peaceful night out. We went on the Catawba Queen on Lake Norman. Although we had some serious laughs, the night was so relaxing and enjoyable. The sunset over the lake was gorgeous. It was the perfect night to spend with family that we don’t get to see very often.
    On Saturday, I woke up to a cloudless sky. I knew when I saw the sky that the day was going to be a great one! Walking into the colosseum was a moment I will not forget, the roar of the crowd was unreal. I couldn’t stop smiling especially when I saw my family in the crowd. Graduation happened so fast and kind of how your wedding flys by in a blur. It was a day I had dreamed up after endless study nights. I wondered how I would feel and if I would remember all the work I had squeezed in to three years. However, as I sat there (I was in the back- W’s- so I had lots of time to reflect), I watched friend after friend walk the stage. I remembered meeting them, studying with them, and all the things they had accomplished. I was beaming with pride for everyone else. Once you go through a trying process with someone, you build a bond that is unbreakable because of the experiences you’ve had together.  I was proud of every individual who walked across that stage. However, when my name was called…I was incredibly happy that my time had finally arrived. It felt like a lifetime of dreams had been realized. Everything was suddenly worth it.
     On Saturday evening, Evan and my parents threw me a graduation party for family and close friends. I was so happy to celebrate and see some friends we haven’t had the chance to see in a while. My cake was probably my favorite part. It was gluten free and made by Icing and the Cake. It was delicious and beautiful! It was designed to incorporate my favorite law classes but add my girly side. We served barbecue and all of the “fixings”, as well (as us Southerners called it). The weather was so beautiful outside we sat in the garage and watched the boys play corn hole. It was a perfect way to celebrate with our family and friends.
     I hope you enjoy my life updates and pictures. I still have a long way to go in my legal career so continue to pray for God’s blessing over my life. I hope you have a wonderful week! Keep working towards your goals, you can do it!

[Graduation Dress]: Fabrik, [Earrings]: Kendra Scott, [Shoes]: Vince Camuto
[Graduation Party Dress]: Altar’d State, [Shoes]: Francescas, [Earrings]: Francecas, [Cake]: Icing and the Cake
** For dress links, click the photos. 

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