Mother’s Day Gift List

Anyone whose met my mama falls in love with her. I always joke that “she could talk to a wall” because she will literally talk to anyone. She has a bubbly personality. So needless to say, we had a lot of fun shooting this. She was super excited about doing our Mother’s Day shoot (and had to pick the perfect spot).  We laughed a lot and she learned how I do my blog posts. My mom is actually the one who encouraged me to create a blog in the first place. She’s been telling me I should start a blog for years. So thanks mom!
      Mom’s deserve so much more than one special day. As I get older, I appreciate my mom even more. Although I don’t have kids, I wonder how she did it all. She never missed a dance recital, picking me up from school, or any game I cheered at. No doubt she has always put me first and pushed me to be the person I am today. Everything I am, I owe to my mom. I have my dad’s personality but sometimes my mama comes out of me! People say we look a like too? I’ll let you decide!
      For a pre-Mother’s day surprise, I took my mom for a makeup session. We’ve talked about it for a while and I finally surprised her. My amazing makeup artist, Champa, was on board. She taught us some tips and tricks for doing our makeup. It was a great bonding experience where we could get all dolled up. I really love to gift experiences because those are memories you get to keep. Mom and I have had spa weekends, movie dates, and even a trip to New York. If you’re still working on the perfect gift, think about doing a Mother’s Day date with your mom. Take her to a movie, dinner, or a spa day. However, if you are more traditional, I have a few of my mom’s favorite things:

Over $50

[1] Coco Mademoiselle Chanel Perfume: My mom’s favorite perfume. She doesn’t wear anything else. In fact. she gave me all her other perfumes. It smells really, really good. Mom always gets compliments on how good she smells. Even though it is a little pricey, it is a perfume that lasts. There are smaller bottles, as well. ($72.00) (

[2] Kendra Scott Earrings: Mom and I both LOVE Kendra Scott. The pieces are so timeless. I suggest the smaller earrings for your mom. Most moms that I know tend to like the smaller earring better. I also really love this color. It can be worn with anything and versatile for the busy mom. ($55.00) (

[3] Garden Stool: My mom loves patio furniture. She can decorate an outdoor space like nobody else can. This little garden stool is so stylish and festive for summer. Perfect for the outdoors mom! ($108.00) (—Blue/2587751,default,pd.html?cgid=garden-stools#icid=cat_outdoor-subcat_outdoor_decor-subcat_tile_garden_stools&nav=tile&start=1)

[4] Coral Dress: This is the exact dress my mom is wearing in our shoot. It’s very light weight. She adores this dress and it’s actually on sale.  ($66.00)(

Under $50

[1} Alex and Ani: Alex and Ani’s are a reasonable gift price wise and everyone loves them! I actually gave my mother-in-law one last year. Every type of mom loves these cute bangles. There are several options from initials, birth stone, or hobbies. I never met anyone who didn’t love an Alex and Ani bracelet. ($28.00) (

[2] Outdoor Pillow: Like I said earlier, my mom really enjoys decorating outdoor areas. These pillows are a great addition for an outdoor space. Pier 1 has tons of cute pillows for outdoor spaces.
($28.00) (,default,pd.html?cgid=outdoor-pillows#sz=60&start=1)

[3] Monogram Sandals: Every mom can appreciate a cute pair of sandals. My mom loves monogram anything. We are southern women! If you love these too, place your order by this Tuesday to get your gift for Mother’s Day. ($45.00) (

[4] Philosophy Body Wash: Philosophy body wash is my favorite and my mom’s. She loves Amazing Grace but my current favorite is Frosted Animal Cracker. Sephora carries body wash, facial wash, and several other Philosophy products. ($25.00) (

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! Enjoy your much deserved day! Thank you for reading.

** Don’t forget to use promo code: DIAMONDS15 for 15% off your purchase at Sassy Fierce Boutique (cute dresses for mom!)
**Special thanks to Makeup by Champa for the makeup tutorial.


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