Weekend Update

WOW! What a weekend!? Totally was not prepared for all the fun and excitement this weekend had in store for me. I thought I’d share a little bit about my weekend for those interested:

Friday: Game Night! I talked about this a little in last Friday’s post. We had an awesome time playing board games with our friends. We played Scrabble and my friend, Samy, defeated me. Literally, I came in fourth. So needless to say, I have to work on my vocabulary for the next round. We played Taboo which was hilarious. We lost that one too, by the way. However, that game really allows you to get to know people with several laughs a long the way. Anyways, we stayed up until 2am playing games and eating chips and salsa. I haven’t done that in a long time but we were thankful to have friends who made it all worth while.

Saturday: Saturday I had my last Barristers Ball which is a formal dance- think prom for law students. It was a masquerade theme so I thought this black lace dress would be perfect. I’ll share details at the bottom of this post for those who asked.  Mom and I picked this dress out a few weeks ago. It was kind of bittersweet because it was our last shopping trip to buy a formal gown. We’ve done it yearly since I was 16 for prom, sorority formals, my wedding, and Barristers Ball. It’s a little surreal the formal days are over. But, I know much more fun is in store. Before, heading to Barristers, a few of my close law school friends met and took photos. We were still missing a bunch of our friends. It’s become our tradition and some of my favorite photos every year. After getting to the ball, we danced our hearts out. I haven’t danced so much in years but I was so happy! Almost everyone walked off the floor when “Raspberry Beret” by Prince came on but not me. I was out there dancing to 80s music like a disco queen. I love music like that and couldn’t believe people didn’t dance to it! Like, y’all forgot the good stuff!? Anyways, we danced and danced with all of our 3L friends which are memories I won’t soon forget. I had pretty nice date too, so it worked out!

Sunday: Okay, now for the really good stuff. So I wake up Sunday and start getting ready because my parents were coming down for brunch. I was in such a good mood and still dancing to “Raspberry Beret” with my dogs. I’m a cool mom. Anyways, so my parents arrive and are ready to go. So we get in the car and start driving- my dad, mom, and Evan. I’m literally clueless. My dad says he needs to make a pit stop and return an owner’s manual he ordered. So we pull up at a Mercedes-Benz dealership and we all get out of the car. Here I am strolling with my coffee, ripped jeans, and no lip gloss. We walk up to a car with a giant red bow on it. I’m not thinking anything of it besides car dealerships will do anything to catch your attention, including giant bows. Then my mom says “those balloons have your name on them.” I was in shock. I said “what?” like three times before I realized that this car was mine. I have no idea what my reaction was because I honestly don’t remember. I remember being so confused and thinking was this for real? I am still in that stage, by the way. I asked Evan like 90 times if he was serious? So standing in front of me was a new Mercedes-Benz GLA 250. Evan knew I needed a car and wanted to surprise me for graduation. He knew the stress and hard work I had put in to law school (which now was totally worth it).  My mom and dad even got me a Mercedes-Benz shirt in my favorite color. I am still in shock that he pulled it off so well (with some help from my sneaky parents). Evan is really really good at hiding big surprises (like our Honeymoon). He took my car into the “shop” on Friday. He told me that they needed a part and the shop would have to hold my car until Monday. Little did I know, he was trading my car for the Mercedes. He had been working on this surprise since March! Needless to say, it was the best surprise! I got my dream car! If you see some girl dancing down the road in a Mercedes…. it’s me! (Excuse the pictures, they are not taken with my professional camera and I was not dressed for the occasion)

With a weekend like that, how is a girl supposed to go back to reality? It was the best weekend ever. So many memories and unforgettable moments. Have a wonderful week everyone!

[Dress]: Anjolique Bridal, [Earrings]: Kendra Scott, [Bracelet]: David Yurman 
** If you have any questions, please comment on my post. If you would like to collaborate, please email me at diamondsonhersoul.com. 
** Special thanks to Hendrick Mercedes-Benz of Northlake for the special gifts, card, and bow. Thank you for making the day even more special! 

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