Cheap Date Night Tips


With a super busy schedule, it can be hard to find time for your significant other. Although my time is valuable, my husband is WAY more important. We both try and spend quality time together no matter how busy or crazy our days are. He is my relief from what can sometimes be a crazy life. Sometimes I get tired of the regular dinner or movie. It’s also really expensive! $40-50 for a movie? I have compiled some of my favorite cheap dates nights:

(1) Game Night:  I’m a super nerd and love board games. A few weeks ago, Evan and I bought a Scrabble board. Although I love board games, I had never played Scrabble. One weekend when I was really busy, we ordered pizza and played scrabble for a few hours. We had the absolute best time! We laughed at all the stupid words we made (Evan wouldn’t let me use legal words). I found this cool list that has games for two people that I will link at the end of this post. Also, card games are great for two people. After our Vegas trip, we played card games all the time. Tonight, Evan and I are having a game night with another couple! Lot’s of chips and salsa for everyone!

(2) Movie Fort Night: A few months after we got married, we had a movie fort date night. So basically, we got a bunch of pillows and blankets and laid them in the floor. We rented like two “kids” movies (we are kids at heart) and bought a bunch of box candy. We laid in floor, ate candy, and watched kids movie for a few hours. I kind of felt like a little kid at a sleepover with my best friend.

(3) Driving: I have always found that driving around with someone allows you to get to know them! A few weeks ago, we went and got ice cream (well he did, I brought my Rice Dream ice cream) and drove around through different neighborhoods. It was a great opportunity to talk about the things stressing us out and things we were excited about. We also had a jam session since we both love music. Perfect little date for those on a budget. This is a favorite during the Christmas season. We love to look at everyone’s lights and decorations. It sounds silly but we always have the best in town.

(4) Park/Hiking Date: Evan loves the lake or actually any body of water in general. Anytime we can go to a park or something near the lake, he is all for it (like this photo shoot). We often will put our walking shoes on and wander around the walking track. We always takes our pups too. It’s a great chance to get outside and get some fresh air. Like driving, its fun to talk while we walk about what we have going on. We go to different parks for a change of scenery. We also love hiking. Last summer, we went with two groups of our friends to different local Mountain Parks (we also got caught in the rain, once). We often will take a snack or something to eat at the top of the mountain and relax.

(5) Find a Show: As crazy as it seems, find something to watch that you can both get into. Often we find our own shows (aka. Bachelor) and don’t share those with our spouse. It’s kinda cool when you both can bond over some silly show or podcast. Evan and I have been addicted to Serial podcasts. We have listened to the first season and are now on season two. It’s really fun because we get to discuss and share our points of view on the case (law nerd alert). I highly recommend the series. Also, Netflix shows to bond over are fun too. Every night while we eat dinner, we watch a 30-40 minute show. It gives us something to look forward to and a break from the chaos. It’s kind of like a short little date every night. Our favorite shows are Friends, Once Upon a Time, and The Office.

Have a wonderful weekend and date night! What are your date night favorites?

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