Meet Bo


      Meet Bo! Bo’s birthday is this week, so he had to make his formal appearance on the blog. Bo will be 4 (and yes, we will be celebrating) this week. He is a malti-poo which is part maltese and part poodle. His full name is Bo Tye White. Thanks to his name, he has plenty of “bow-ties” like the one he is wearing.
    We got Bo about a week after we got home from our honeymoon. I had wanted a malti-poo for as long as I can remember. We already had Bella, who had taken up with Evan, so I wanted a little dog who would take up with me. So Evan and I made our way to a breeder who had one little boy puppy left. The moment we saw him, we both knew he was ours. He weighed about a pound and a half. He was nothing but fur. Evan gave him to me as an early birthday present. I remember shortly after we got Bo, a couple stopped us and said they had a malti-poo. The couple then told us that “malti-poos are very loyal dogs.”
     It’s so true. Bo is so loyal and a mama’s boy. He always wants to be with me. It doesn’t matter if I’m reading for hours on end, walking on the treadmill (he walks on it too–it’s hilarious), or sleeping. I always tell him he has a sweet soul (and probably a law degree-as much as we read together). However, he is a STINKER. Bo has his own personality, for sure. He can get into trouble in a minute. He rules the “White House”. Bella (our standard poodle) and Bo love to play. It’s hilarious to see a 50lb dog and a 6lb dog play. Bo’s favorite things are a heated blanket (he’s laying on mine as I type this), his purple bone (he sleeps with it every night), and a treat (his favorite is sweet potato and turkey).
    We had so much fun shooting this. Bo was excited to run the streets of Charlotte. Bella and Bo love a good ride around the city. Bo was exhausted from his modeling debut.  It’s hard to be cute! Also, Happy National Pet Day (it was yesterday)! Give your sweet animal some love for me!

[Dress]: Red Dress Boutique (similiar dresses linked in each photo), [Necklace]: BaubleBar, [Earrings]: Kendra Scott, [Sunglasses]: Francescas, [Shoes]: Dolce Vita
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