Fashion Goals


      Happy Friyay! I hope your week has been better than mine. On Monday, I got a filling for my tooth (with shots I might add). On Tuesday, I got the dreaded stomach bug and missed all my classes. On Wednesday, I was still recovering from the bug and the filling (serious jaw pain). On Thursday, super busy school day including a bar essay and oral argument. I was still recovering from the bug, too. So to say I am happy it is Friday is an understatement. I need a weekend to get back on my feet.
   Anyways, today I am talking about “fashion goals”. We all see the funny memes of “relationship goals”, “friendship goals”, etc. However, I kind of have my own thing. “Fashion goals”. I am a law student who also works part-time, so I understand that finances can be tight. I will be honest and say I can walk into a shop and pick out the most expensive thing. Evan thinks it’s my super power. I’m the first to tell you that I love nice things. Whenever, I see something expensive that I really want I decide if I will wear it a lot. How will I wear it? How often will I wear it? etc. If I spend a large sum of money, I try to spend it on something worthwhile. So I have a “fashion goal”, which is something I want to work towards whether it be shoes, a bag, or a dress. I think it’s healthy and positive to always be striving towards something whether it’s something small (an outfit) or big (like graduation). I save my money and then go buy the item. It’s a little reward for working hard for something.
     I have been obsessed with the brand “Show Me Your Mumu.” I simply love the boho and festival look. I have been wanting a “mumu” piece for a while now.  I saw this top at a local store, Bevello, and I wanted it so bad. It was pricey so I decided not to purchase.  It became a ‘fashion goal.” I eventually went back a few days later and made the purchase. It’s a wild print for a lot of people but I love it. I think it is great for a summer concert, festival, or fun day out.
   Another one of my “fashion goals” was to eventually find an authentic spoon ring. I’ve wanted one for years but never would cough up the money to buy one. Thankfully, a wonderful collaborator found out that I wanted one and sent this one over! I absolutely love it. I have not taken it off since I received it. The family that makes these rings are super sweet and they are made of pure silver spoons found locally in Concord, NC. These rings are very durable and the detail is fantastic. My mom saw mine and has been wanting one ever since.
   Finally, I have to talk about my Target find. Another downside to being a poor law student is that Target gets all your money. I walk into Target and all my money is gone. I couldn’t help myself when I saw these cute shoes for under $30. Their shoes are very versatile. They can be worn with shorts, pants, skirts, or dresses. They are extremely comfortable, as well. My mom tried them on the other day and loved how comfortable they were.
    I hope you create some of your own “fashion goals” for those great pieces. I’d love to hear about your favorite but pricey brands that you are working towards!

** All reviews and opinions are my own. Click on the images for links to products. 
[Tunic]: Show Me Your Mumu, [Shorts]: Apricot Lane, [Shoes]: Target, [Ring]: Justin Sistrunk [Bracelet]: Heart Tribe, Perla Arm Candy, [Necklace]: Red Dress Boutique, [Earrings]: Red Dress Boutique, [Lipstick]: YSL 


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