Disney World Recap

(Magic Kingdom-Main Street USA)
(Magic Kingdom- Confectionary)
(Magic Kingdom-Confectionary)
(Hippy Dippy Pool-Pop Century Resort)
(Hippy Dippy Pool-Pop Century Resort)
(Pop Century Resort)
(Animal Kingdom)
(Animal Kingdom-Dinosaur)
(Epcot-Flower & Garden Festival)
(Cape May Cafe-Beach Club Resort)
(Bowling Pool- Pop Century Resort)
(Bowling Pool-Pop Century Resort)
(Bowling Pool-Pop Century Resort)
(Bowling Pool-Pop Century Resort)
(Bowling Pool-Pop Century Resort)
(Pop Century Resort)
(Magic Kingdom-Frontierland)
(Magic Kingdom-Frontierland)

So excited about today’s post because I get to share a little of my spring break fun with you! Evan and I took a short little trip to Disney World over Easter. We had a wonderful time and I’ve been looking forward to sharing it with you.

Where We Stayed:
Evan and I stayed at the Pop Century Resort on Disney property. It was our first time staying there, so I was a little nervous about the quality of the resort. However, we both LOVED it! It was such a fun little place themed with the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. How could I not love a place that played Hootie and the Blowfish? We stayed in the 1950s area of the resort. The resort has three large pools, a buffet area (we ate breakfast there everyday), shop, arcade, ping-pong tables, and all kinds of fun activities. Everything was brightly colored too which I loved. The more color the better in my opinion. The resort was so “kid-friendly” too. On Easter, the Easter bunny was hanging out by the pool taking pictures with all the kids. They also sold Easter baskets which I thought was awesome for those traveling Easter bunnies. The resort was also really enjoyable for adults. I honestly wish we could have spent more time enjoying the resort. We only made it to two pools.

Where We Ate:
Cape May Cafe: We ate here for Easter Dinner. They serve an array of seafood especially, crab legs. I ate my weight in crab legs, no joke. One of my favorite foods. This cafe is located at the Beach Club Resort. The Beach Club is so gorgeous. I had a hard time pulling Evan away. It’s all boat and beach themed.

Margaritaville: We ate lunch at Margaritaville at Universal Studios. This was on Evan’s to-do list. He loves everything Margartitaville and he loves Jimmy Buffet’s music. I on the other hand, do not. But I vowed (seriously in our wedding vows) that I would do my best to put up with Jimmy Buffet’s music. It turned out to not be so hard at Margaritaville because the food was so good. We both got cheeseburgers (cheeseburgers in paradise). They had a really great gluten-free menu with a lot of options.

Everything Pop: This restaurant was located at the Pop Century Resort. Perfect for a breakfast buffet before the parks or a quick dinner. We ate breakfast at this location almost every morning. They had a wide variety of foods.

What We Did: 

Magic Kingdom:
On Saturday night, we skirted over to Magic Kingdom. It was storming and pouring rain but I had my rain jacket! By the time we made it to Magic Kingdom it was drizzling and eventually stopped. We rode our three favorites rides: The Seven Dwarf Mine Train, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Evan’s favorite, Pirates of the Caribbean. Magic Kingdom is my favorite park. There is something about walking down Main Street USA that makes me feel right at home. I just love walking around all the lands and eating all the unhealthy but super good food. If you have small children, my favorite ride suggestions are: Peter Pans Flight, Adventures of the Little Mermaid, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We watched the fireworks our last night and ate ice cream (I had rice dream ice cream). It was honestly so nice to take a break and get to enjoy time with Evan. I know he enjoyed the get-a-away. It is not always easy living with a full-time law student and a law student who also works.

Animal Kingdom:
Sunday morning we headed to Animal Kingdom. It was pretty warm that day! I ended up wearing my little beach cover-up as a dress because it kept me cool. We rode my favorite Disney ride: Mt. Everest.  We rode a few other rides and did the African Safari. We saw lots of animals.  I feel like I’ve watched half the animals there grow up because we go to Disney so often.  We walked through the animal exhibits which is Evan’s favorite part.

On Sunday, we spent the evening walking around Epcot. Epcot was having it’s annual Flower & Garden Festival. It’s absolutely stunning. They do creative statues made of all flowers.  Within the park, they had a butterfly sanctuary you could walk inside. Super cool! Finally, we made our way to the Beach Club but not before meeting up with the Village People (see earlier post). Finally, after dinner, we watched fireworks from the pier and then nearly got locked out of Epcot.
Harry Potter World-Universal:
So it turns out, I truly am a Disney girl at heart. Evan said we cheated on Mickey by going to Harry Potter World (haha). Even so, I have to say that I was less than impressed. I know I’m going against the grain on this one. But, I really do like Harry Potter. I grew up reading the books and watching the movies. However,  I found it over crowded, over-priced (you have to buy an extra $50 pass to get a fast-pass), and we couldn’t even walk in a shop due to the throngs of people. The shops were so small that people were lined out the door just to look. Forget actually shopping.  We were there about two hours and we both looked at each other and said “I miss Mickey. Let’s go to Magic Kingdom.” Although, I wasn’t impressed, I did enjoy a butter beer,  a chocolate frog, and Bertie’s beans! The butter beer was amazing!

Overall, the trip was magical. A perfect spring break trip! We listened to the podcast “Serial” on the way down. Loved it! My hairdresser got me hooked. We ate lots of yummy food but we walked it off. Trust me. My feet were thankful to be home. Although the trip was shorter than I would have liked (I’d probably stay forever, if Disney would keep me), we had a wonderful stay in Disney! I’m already ready for my next Disney adventure. I hope you had a wonderful Easter and spring break!
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