Spring Break Off-the-Shoulder Dress


       Falling in love with the off-the-shoulder trend. This dress is going to perfect for those little date nights, shopping trips, and cool summer nights. What I love most about this dress? It’s $25 from Target. There are several prints to this dress but I fell in love with this boho look. I’d seriously dress like this everyday if I didn’t have to be professional for my career. This dress is super fun and flirty. I’m wearing a small and it’s perfect for a loose fit. I have slender shoulders and typically have trouble wearing “off-the-shoulder” dresses but this one fits extremely well. If you are a little uncomfortable with off-the-shoulder dresses, try pairing it with large earrings. It makes you feel a little more secure.
     Another boho trend I love… embellished sandals. I’ve seen some pairs of these beauties costing $900.00 but these are much, much cheeper. They are called “Santorini Soul Sandals”– certainly perfect for Diamonds on Her Soul girls. They are really great sandals. You can actually pair them with more than you think. These would be ideal for a spring-summer festival or concert.
     The other essential is my Kate Spade bag. I’ve had this cross-body for a while and thought I’ll never be able to link it but turns out this bag is still around. Although an upgraded version, it’s nearly the exact bag. Although expensive, it is a quality bag for traveling. A perfect gift to you soon-to-be graduates. The color is a fun “pop” color, as well.
   I hope some of you get to enjoy the pool over this holiday weekend. I was tempted to jump in during this shoot. However, maybe I’ll get a little pool time in Disney but for now, I have to finish packing. I’m so last minute with packing. I hope you all have a wonderful Good Friday and very Happy Easter!

“He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.” Matthew 28:6 KJV

** Click photos to see links to outfit. If you have any questions contact me at diamondsonhersoul@gmail.com. Follow me on Instagram at: themeganwhite and on twitter at: meganwhite25. If you would love to see something on the blog, let me know via email! 

[Dress]: Target/ Link is not exact. In-stores though, [Shoes]: Red Dress Boutique, [Bag]: Kate Spade, [Sunglasses]: Francescas, [Choker]: BB&CO, [Earrings]: Belk


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