Packing List: Disney Day Trip

     My very first words were “Minnie Mouse.” No joke. So to say I love Disney would be an understatement. I’m really excited because Evan and I are heading to Disney World for a little spring break get-a-way (much needed, if I might add). I am counting down the days. We have been packing and getting ready, as you can see. Our little helpers were more than happy to help us pack–mainly because they think they are going. But, instead they get a little vacation with Pawpaw & Granna (aka spoiling session). Anyway, we are actually annual pass holders and frequent several times a year. I always get asked a lot of questions about what to bring or pack for a trip, so I thought it may be helpful to do a post you can look back at time and time again. After visiting Disney a couple of times and in different seasons, I have found some essentials for your Disney trip.

(1) Bag: Take a bag. Thankfully, Evan always carries a back-pack for us which holds our water bottles, jackets, extra shoes, and anything else we may need. If you don’t want to carry anything, you can purchase a locker for the day at customer service (usually located at the front of the park). My family has rented one before when we had heavy coats (one December, it was cold). I have a Disney Dooney & Burke bag that I carry. It’s a great bag to put my sunglasses, lipstick, money, and anything else I need. Don’t bring more than you need into the park. Smaller bags are best.

(2) Water bottles: Every time we visit, I see kids and parents in desperate need of water. It gets hot in Florida. This past December, we wore shorts everyday. Bring a water bottle. We bought these water bottles at Dick’s Sporting Goods last summer. They were 2 for $20. At any Disney restaurant, you can order ice water for free and they will give you a to-go cup. We take that water and fill up our water bottles. Cold, fresh water all day-for free.

(3) Rain Jacket: Rain is always a possibility at Disney. The land on which Disney sits was formally swamp land. Take a rain jacket. The sun may shine one minute and the next minute you are soaking wet. They sell ponchos when it rains but it’s better and cheaper to be prepared. This jacket is from Marley Lilly.

(4) Two Pairs of Shoes: Disney requires a lot of walking. It’s not the place for high heels or to break in a new pair of shoes. Even shoes that are comfortable can eventually start hurting when your walking all day. One trick I use is to bring two pairs of shoes. I wear one and keep the other in our bag. Half-way through the day, I switch my shoes out. If it’s a really long day, I may even want to switch back to my originals at night. Shoes have different levels of support and comfort. Typically, I have a pair of sandals and sneakers on deck. If you like rides like Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids, this tip could save you from blisters from wet shoes.

(5) Layers: I’ve been to Disney when it’s snowing and when it’s 103 degrees. You never know. I recommend bringing layers. Even if its hot during the day, it may get cool at night. Bring a light sweatshirt or jacket. Likewise, it may be cool in the morning and hot by the end of the day. If you are venturing to Disneyland, I highly recommend layers. It gets hot there and very cool at night. I learned that one the hard way.

(6) Fastpass: The mydisneyapp is the new way to plan your magical trip. If you haven’t been in a few years, this may be new to you. You can download the app from the app store. You can link your reservations, character meetings, and most importantly, you can get fast passes. A fast pass is basically a pre-designated time where you can ride a ride without standing in long lines. You get three a day for you and your family. Make sure you have your fast passes picked prior to your trip via the app. However, you can always change your rides if your plans change. Some rides “book up” faster than others. For example, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Test Track, and Soarin’.

(7) Sunglasses: “Zip-a-dee-doo-da, Zip-a-dee-day, my-oh-my what a wonderful day. Plenty of sunshine heading my way.” It’s a catchy tune but has some truth to it. Sunglasses are a must. I love my Ray Bans. They are polarized and help further protect my eyes. Bring them but make sure you don’t loose or forget them on a ride. I heard the Yeti from Mt. Everest loves sunglasses.

(8) Snacks: Food can and will get expensive. A quick fix is to pack snacks. I’m gluten free so I’m always scared of not having something I can eat. Although Disney is awesome with plenty of gluten free options–pretty much everywhere–snacks can be hard to come by for us gluten-free people. I like to pack snacks just in case and it saves money in the long run. Also, eating is not a bad way to spend time waiting in line either.

(9) Celebration Buttons: Disney is a place to celebrate. I’m celebrating so many things on this trip… law school graduation, spring break, and our anniversary (it’s in May but we won’t get to celebrate big this year). When you go into the park, don’t forget to get your celebration pins. They have pins for birthdays, family reunions, anniversary, and many others! They are usually located at customer service at each park. In Magic Kingdom, go to the Chamber of Commerce to get your button.

(10) Mickey Ears: Don’t forget the most important piece of your Disney outfit… Mickey Ears! Don’t worry if you don’t have some, they have plenty of shapes and sizes at Disney World!

Enjoy your magical trip!  If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way via email:, instagram: themeganwhite, or post right here on the blog. As Mickey Mouse says “See ya real soon!”


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