Easter Basket Favorites


     Easter is right around the corner. I can hardly believe it!! Easter is such a fun time to celebrate our risen Savior, enjoy family, and finally break out those fun pastel colors. I have such fond memories of Easter growing up; from dying Easter eggs, picking out a “poofy” dress, and waking up to a big Easter basket. Even though I’m married now, my parents still make me an Easter basket. Oh, and Evan gets an Easter basket too. Last year, I had a Minnie Mouse basket and Evan had a Superhero basket (not kidding) from my parents. I love it (he does too). I’m still a little kid at heart and my parents know it. So if you are still looking for a few last minute items for your daughter, mother, girlfriend, sister, or friend, I have you covered. I’m sharing some of my favorite Easter 2016 gifts:

(1): Hosea by Jennifer Rothschild: Evan got this book for me for Valentine’s day. Sadly, I haven’t been able to read through it all because of my law school assignments. However, from what I’ve read, it’s amazing. The book is simply a love story. A few of my friends have done Bible studies with it and a few have read it on their own. They all love it. (christianbook.com)
(2): Pink Sheeny Crown Wristlet: This leather wristlet is only $6. I love, love, love the pink pastel color. It’s perfect for Easter and all of spring. I’m obsessed with wristlets, especially as a student, so I don’t have to always carry my purse along with my school bag. I’d say this is a must for any student. (Shein.com)
(3): Bunny Catch Pot: I have this little cutie myself. You can honestly use this for so much: a coffee cup, tea cup, jewelry holder, or desk materials holder. So versatile but the perfect little emblem from the Easter bunny. (Francescas.com)
(4): Hop to It Earrings: The first time my mom saw these, she loved them! They were actually selling out really fast at my local Francescas. When I went back to buy them, they were gone. I love that they are cute but don’t look “childish”. These are perfect for teachers who celebrate all the holidays in a big way! (Francescas.com)
(5): Rainbow Dreams Bracelet: My parents actually gave these bracelets to me in my Easter basket last year. I wear them all the time so I wanted to include them in my gift guide. The colors are so bright. Great for spring and summer concerts. This is actually a set but you can also buy them individually. I’m already wanting more. (perlaarmcandy.com)
(6): Live Lokai Bracelets: These are great for both men and women. Evan and my dad wear them too. Perfect gift for the adventurer driven spirit in your life. The meaning behind these bracelets are what make them so unique. The black bead has mud from the dead sea (the lowest point on earth). The white bead has water from Mt. Everest (the highest point on earth). Together they represent the motto “Sometimes you’re on top. Stay Humble. Sometimes you’ve hit a low. Stay Hopeful.” The man who started this company had a grandfather who had Alzheimer’s which inspired him to start the collection. For anyone who knows me, this makes this company even better! You can find out more information on their website. (mylokai.com)
(7): Tory Burch Sandals: These sandals are perfect for any girl’s Easter basket. These sandals are great to dress up, wear casually, or even wear to the beach. I once went Kayaking with them and got trapped in mud— they came off and I went barefoot. Evan loves to share that one. Mainly because as I took off my shoes, I yelled “not my Tory’s!!” I really love my Tory’s. I’ve had mine for years. They have several colors, as well. (toryburch.com)
I hope you have a blessed Easter and remember the real reason for this special season. Enjoy those Easter basket goodies- Oh, and don’t forget candy!
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