Luck of the Irish

     Happy Early St. Patrick’s Day! So really cool story, last year I decided to do a DNA test through (sounds weird, I know. I’m a nerd.). I have always been interested in history but did not actually know my own family lineage. So when my results came in, I found out I am 23% Irish. 
    Finding out I was some part Irish was pretty awesome. Especially since I love 4-leaf clovers and what they represent to me. In the early summer of 2009, I had met Evan but never really talked outside of friend-related events. I was at home for the summer with my parents and everyday my mom and I would sit outside. For days and days, I found four-leaf clovers everywhere in my parent’s backyard. There were more four-leaf clovers than I had ever found in my entire life. I kept all of them and placed them in my Bible. I’m not sure why? Maybe you know what the symbolism is behind that but I’ve always been taught to do that with four-leaf clovers. Anyway, a few days later, Evan and I began seriously “talking” and I haven’t looked back since. Every time I see a four-leaf clover I think about the beginning of our love story. I still have the originals in my Bible and have a four-leaf clover that hangs in my car as a sweet reminder. 
 So since I have to celebrate my heritage a little more this year, I needed some green.  I love green but honestly, I don’t wear the color much. So if you are anything like me, you are in need of some green. In the picture below, I’ve shared some of my favorite green items for this fun time of year. 
[Pillow]: Kate Spade. This pillow says “This is the Life.” How much more perfect can you get? 
[Mug]: Francescas. I am a huge Friends fan. So much that Evan I got to sit on the Friends couch when we went to California and see the set. So when we got home, I bought this mug. 
[Clutch]:Shopbop. This little clutch is adorable. It would be perfect for spring break and summer. 
[Sunglasses]: Nordstorm. These little cuties are $12! They are so cute because they give off a gold/green tint and they are Ray Ban dupes. 
[Shoes]: Modcloth. The shoes I’m wearing are older but I found these similar wedges. You would be surprised how much you can wear kelly green shoes even if you don’t wear green often. 
[Earrings]: Bauble Bar. If a touch of green is enough for you. These chic earrings are perfect. They can be dressed up or down. 
[Romper]: Shein. I love this romper! The contrasting greens are so perfect for spring. The price is amazing too!
[My Mint Top]: Belk. This top is new but it is not on Belk’s website. However, they do have similar styles and colors if you love mint green like I do. This shirt reminds me of a mermaid because of the sleeves–they look like seashells. The mint green and kelly green paired well together for some color pop. 
Whether your Irish or not, I hope you find some green for Thursday and enjoy today! I”ll be watching The People vs. OJ Simpson tonight. If you haven’t watched it. You should! It’s amazing!!! What shows are you loving right now? 


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