Spring is Here!


     The weather has been gorgeous here in Charlotte, North Carolina this week. I can finally see the light. I absolutely love this warm weather with plenty of sunshine–spring has arrived! Which brings me to one of my favorite spring trends, lace. This lace kimono is gorgeous for spring and honestly, pictures do not do it justice. It’s light pink with bell sleeves which is another trend I love for Spring. It can be ordered online and is actually on sale!
     The kimono pairs perfectly with my dupe Valentino’s (I’ve been asked a lot if they are real–remember I’m in law school and still poor!) but this pair is reasonably priced. I get asked all the time if they are comfortable- the answer is YES! I already want another pair. 
     My jewelry is from one of my favorite brands, Kendra Scott. I shared about why I love the company in an earlier post. These pieces are from Kendra Scott’s Spring Collection. I actually wore the earrings for my law school composites this week because I love the neutral/pearl look. 
     So the real star of this blog is our standard poodle, Bella. The last picture is a more accurate depiction of what our walks look like on a regular basis. She was really interested in making new doggie friends rather than modeling. Who can blame her? Bella is six years old and we got her when she was almost three years old. We adopted her and we are so thankful we did! She has a really fun personality that is part tomboy and part girly-girl. She loves a good perfume (she rubs all over me when I have a new perfume) but isn’t the most regal of poodles (aka she is clumsy). She is a daddy’s girl though and always has been. Evan is her #1 but I’m working on that. I’m sure she will make more guest appearances on the blog along with her brother. 
     I hope you can get outside this weekend and take in some sunshine! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I appreciate all the positive feedback and the support. 
[Lace Kimono]: Francesca’s, [Cami]: Express, [Jeans]: Just Black, [Jewelry]: Kendra Scott, [Shoes]: Nordstrom, [Sunglasses]: Francesca’s
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