Professional Dress Tips & Tricks

     I’ve always loved the quote “dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” I’ve always tried to live by that quote.  Dressing professional is key. It demonstrates that you are “put together” and prepared for whatever the job requires. It is so important that “business dress in traditional dark colors” is required for attorneys arguing before the Supreme Court as stated in the Guide For Counsel in Cases to be Argued before the Supreme Court of the United States (October Term 2015). Although, we all may not be arguing before the Supreme Court, professional dress can take you to the top of your field. 
     However, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are unsure of what “professional/business attire” actually means. So I have a few tips and tricks that I have learned along the way (and a few from my husband who hires people on a regular basis). 
Interview Dress & Style Tips
  • You cannot be overdressed for an interview!
  • Do not wear anything that you would not wear to church.
  • Pull your hair half-up or up– this allows your hair to be out of your face and less distracting.
  • Do not wear anything tight!
  • Pearl earrings are a classic!
  • Do not wear large jewelry–It can be distracting to interviewers. 
  • Do not allow your bra to show– a blazer can be an essential quick fix. 
  • Low heels are perfect but stilettos are NOT!
  • Wear simple color patterns–nothing too wild like chetah print. 
  • If you wear it to the club, don’t wear it to the interview.
Remember, you want to remembered for what you said, not what you wore! If the interviewers are talking about your attire, you are not a serious candidate…
Professional Dress Shops & Shopping Tips

  • Banana Republic
  • Gap
  • Express
  • The Limited
  • J. Crew
  • Target
  • Belk
Dressing professional can be expensive but make sure you purchase items that can be worn in different ways. Some essentials are a blazer, white undershirt, cardigan, black skirt, black or navy dress pants (the pants I’m wearing-I love them!), and flats. A great tip I learned is to buy in the off-season, especially at Banana Republic or Gap. Remember to buy a few pieces along the way so you don’t have to spend a lot at once. Buy items that you can also translate into weekend wear or casual wear–it will save you money and give you more options. Wait for the sales, Belk has a shoe sale semi-annually. Last time, I got five pairs of heels for around $100.00. Most of all, hold yourself with confidence. It will shine more than anything you can wear!

* Click the photos for direct links to outfit details. [Pants]: Gap, [Blazer]: Banana Republic, [Cami]: Express, [Shoes]: Tory Burch, [Bracelets]: Derng (, [Necklace]: Older, but here is a similar one from Baublebar (


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